Rouge Rescue 2016

On the morning of Saturday, June 4th approximately 20 ATC-A and AWA members along with their family gathered together to participate in Rouge Rescue 2016, the 6th consecutive year Aisin Detroit sponsored and participated.

This year’s project was to create a rain garden at Northville Community Park. This involved planting over 100 native plants that allow pollutants to be filtered before entering the water system. Aisin volunteers grouped for a few photos, then geared up in their gardening boots and gloves and walked over to the job site to begin planting.
In addition to building a rain garden volunteers also headed out to the trails in the park to clear out Mustard Garlic, an invasive species that can kill off natural habitats.
Rouge Rescue continues to be a great event to showcase Aisin teamwork and support of our local community. Aisin volunteers can be proud of their work and the support they provided their community with this project.
Jun 4, 2016