ATC-A Internship Program Fall 2015


The ATC-A Internship program is a key component of Aisin’s future growth and development by teaching the next generation of engineers. Our program provides opportunities for students to apply theory learned in the classroom to actual engineering practice in the workplace.
At the beginning of an internship each student is assigned a project that they work on during the duration of their internship and report their finding to Aisin team members. The structure of the projects are to intended for the intern to practice their applied learning in the classroom to real-world engineering; where they will gain experience and knowledge to be a successful engineer.
As part of the internship program Aisin also promotes opportunities for the interns to become involved in company sponsored activities. This past semester one of the interns joined the 24 Hours of LeMons Race Team. The intern valued the opportunity from this experience as he gained hands-on experience working on a car, problem solving issues, and working as one team towards a common goal.
The Internship program has proven to be a great opportunity for both the student as well as ATC-A.





Nov 23, 2015